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Date antique photographs by the presence of a tax stamps. Learn more about tax stamps and when they were used to narrow the time frame of that photo. In your family history research, have you found old unidentified antique photographs in your collection? Are they daguerreotypes? Cartes des visites? But knowing who is in that photograph is another story. You must take time to learn about antique photographs and their distinguishing characteristics before you can start dating antique photographs and figuring out who is in that photo. Tax stamps are unique to the later years of the Civil War time period.

How To Date A Bottle Of Whiskey

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Effective July 1, , the Internal Revenue code mandated that bonded spirits display the following statement: “This bottle has been filled and stamped under.

They are not listed in the Scott Specialized Catalog at present, although Scott appears to be adding some of the categories each year. Many of them are listed in the catalogs put out by the late Sherwood Springer. Many different items fall into this category. This web page is only an overview, and is an expansion of one developed for an online meeting of the eBay Users’ Stamp Club. I do not actively collect taxpaids, and I have two friends who do so avidly.

As you can imagine, they do not leave me with anything really unusual if they can help it. Perhaps one of them will construct an introduction that will supersede this one. Many of the taxpaids were issued to collect the so-called “sin taxes. Stamps were first used to show payment of taxes on manufactured tobacco in These are denominated in cents per pound – sixteen cents for tobacco with stems and thirty-two cents for tobacco without them.

This is a stamp for one ounce at thirty-two cents. Stamps were printed for weights from one-half ounce to one hundred pounds.

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Kind of like playing a game of Clue, except with booze. Below is a run through of each along with some additional resources at the end. Doing some simple math puts this bottle at Nice and simple. You know that big block of text on the back of your whiskey that tells you not to operate machinery or be pregnant while drinking?

If the UPC code is missing you can move the estimated date of the bottle back to at least pre

May 31, – Several people have asked whether they could date a bottle via the Tax Stamps on the bottle.. To some extent the answer for US Tax Stamps is.

What the R’s Are. This website is an expanded version of one prepared for the eBay Users Stamp Club and is meant to provide a brief overview of each of the Scott-listed revenue categories as of the year Catalog. The history of adhesive revenue stamps in the US essentially begins with the Revenue Act of , when the North began to tax a vast number of items to finance the Civil War effort. Scott lists embossed revenues plus several typographed and engraved items from the colonial period and the early years of the country as well.

Numbers from R1 through R are almost all documentary revenues. However, R1 through R, the solid-color revenues printed from to known as the First Issue, include proprietary stamps as well. Here are three First Issues , an imperforate, a part-perf pair and a perforated stamp. The imperforate, a one-cent express, was probably issued that way, as it has four wide margins and was used in , an appropriate time.

It was issued to pay a short-lived tax on express shipments.

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CDVs quickly replaced the old glass images of the ambrotypes, producing a card the size of the then standard calling card, around 2. CDVs arrived in the United States around Faced with the financial demands of the Civil War, a June 30, , act of Congress placed a new luxury tax on “photographs, ambrotypes, daguerreotypes or any other sun-pictures.

However, there was not a special stamp created for photography. These were accepted by the Federal Government on cartes de visite as long as the stamp denomination was appropriate.

The earliest, and one of the most extensive set of registers of dies and stamps used by the Stamp Revenue dating from contained in some

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How to Date Antique Photographs Using Tax Stamps

Last year, in December, I wrote an article about Lucky Strike cigarettes and an article about Camel cigarettes. Some time ago someone asked me how I could tell a cigarette pack was wartime dated. Well, most US cigarette packs have a blue tax stamp on the top. And on that tax stamp there should be a series number See photo, red circle.

I am not sure why he appears on the Internal Revenue tax stamp, since that body was not formed until the Civil War. Here is a brief biography. If you have trouble.

Red strips denote federal tax, blue strips are for export, and green strips denote bottled in bond. There is sometimes a state tax paper stamp on the shoulder of the bottle. State tax stamps changed every four years when new state treasurers were appointed. The use of tax strips over the cap began after the Bottled in Bond Act in It was a green decorative strip that showed the public that the whiskey within the bottle was proof, bottled by one distiller in one distilling season and was at least 4 years old.

Title II of this act added the tax strip system which continued until

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The code is helpful in dating decks after , the year it started, according to the Hochman Encyclopedia. But, I have found evidence that the dating code was actually in use prior to which is why I have amended the chart to include highlighted in yellow, below. Kei Izumi, a collector from Japan, found a Motor No. This strongly suggests that the date code was indeed used at least as early as

The Bottled-In-Bond Story Dating Miniature Bottles By Jim Crawford Federal Tax Seal Strips From USA Decal Tax Stamps from US States.

You have seen those stamps placed on the back of some of the family vintage photos of the mids, well this is why they are there and how it can help date the photo. The U. Federal government placed a new tax on photographs between August 1, to August 1, The tax rate amount shown on each stamp varied based on the cost of the making of that photograph — the CDV type cartes des visites which had become very popular in the s.

The stamp tax also applied to any daguerreotypes and ambrotypes produced. The tax rate ranged from one cent to five cents. In the corner was where he then placed the stamp after the customer had paid the tax and for the photo. The photographer many times but not always dated when the tax was paid and placed his initials. So if you do have an exact date on the stamp, you are lucky.

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